“This road has been long and boring for those who have travelled with me. The thing is, it is a journey that takes you in many directions that is so harsh on all the people that are around you. It tests your family, friends and your abilities. So to come out the other side of the door and be able to close it knowing who your true friends are, is a blessing beyond any blessing. Don’t be fearful, be grateful, don’t be angry, learn and try through it all to be the best that you can under extreme circumstances because when life is easy, imagine how the light will radiate from you. Believe me it will.” – Lisa Poulos

Mum & Dad
Without you both I would have never got through the last five years of my life.  You have unconditionally supported me, helped me, given my children the extra love and support they needed whilst I was unable too and generally been devoted to getting me back on the right road.  You have both given in such a selfless way that I can only consider myself a lucky person to have such parents.  I love you both

Johann & Saxon – My Children
To have to deal with such a huge and harsh issue at such early ages I can only hope will give you something special – empathy, compassion and understanding.  I love you both and so you know, you are the motivation behind my healing.

Andrew & Lina , Haps & Solomon – My brother and sister-in-law and nephew
Knowing you are there always and have been my support is something I will never forget.  I love you all and look forward to happy memories in the future.

Debbie Coffey – My business partner and friend
Debbie kept our business going so that when I was well I had a purpose.  This was so hard for Debbie as she could not be the friend she wanted to be as you were so busy with Hush.  I am so grateful that you are in my life.

Dr Crea – Breast Surgeon and Oncologist
You made me feel safe, you gave me what I needed to show me the road we had to travel.  I trusted you with my life and what a good decision this was.  I could not have chosen a better person to be my doctor.  When you consider you were the one cutting off my breasts – well needless to say, you were one important person.  You are forever in my heart.

Dr Caminar – Reconstruction surgeon
Responsible for rebuilding my breasts – a job that was not easy considering what you had to start with.  Dr. Caminar, you  performed a miracle and provided me with breasts that I am proud to say look pretty good.  Thank you.

Ian & Clare Butterworth – Photographic Essay Photographer
The photo essay was decided before I had my surgery and was a road that Ian and Clare traveled with me on with all their hearts, professionalism and love..  The imagery speaks for itself and shows the friendship we have.  Together we have made another women’s cancer journey that much easier.  You are truly special people in my life.

Keiren Street – My Hairdresser
We know how important a women’s hairdresser is – BUT on a cancer journey, well, he becomes super important.    Keiren traveled the whole road with me from taking my hair from long to pixie cut – from holding my hand and shaving my head – tears, laughs and held me up when I could not stand during shoots.  He is my friend foremost and you made loosing my hair that little bit easier.

Brooke O’Neill and Becky Davies – My Angels
We all know if we have two friends that we can count in our lives we are lucky  – but to know that two people would give so much and be so there for you is something you will never know until you face a journey like mine.

Brooke and Becky who I called in my morphine State , Flo and Gale (Florence Nightingale as I could not say Becky and Brooke) – were there, doing things that you would not expect from friends.  They created the safety net for me to know that if I fell they would pick me up and move me forward, they never allowed me to thing negative thoughts.  They made me laugh on my worse days and they ensured that I was surrounded with kindness and love from all my friends.  There are no words to thank these girls.

All my friends
You know who you are and what you did to help me get through this road.  From the phone calls of support, the kindness you sent, the flowers, the meals dropped to the house, the calls to help with the kids etc. etc.  The list is endless.  From deep in my heart – thank you.

David Bromley – Artist
The gift of capturing my own breasts in a painting is something that was so unexpected and so kind.  Organised by my dear friend Scot Liversey, David created this beautiful painting which will forever keep a part of me alive.  Thank you so much for creating something so beautiful.

Darryl De Abreu and Michael Hennessy organised to build my A Life Laid Bare Website – not only did they volunteer to do this, but again, the kindness and love that has come through in the process is overwhelming.

Australian Story
Ben Cheshire, Quentin Davis & Anthony Frisina were my team in creating  Australian Story – I thank you all for creating the environment that gave me the courage to do something like this.

Heidi Middleton – Sass & Bide

Warren Macris – Giclee Prints

Merryn Shriever – Deutscherandhackett